By placing an order through Studentkultur i Tiden (hereafter SIT) you accept the following terms. 


  1. You will only have three attempts to pick-up your order after it has been finalized. Failing to do this may result in the product not being available at a later time. 
    1. The times to pick-up an order will be advertised for those who yet have picked-up their wares. 
    2. SIT is able to hold onto an item for a limited time if the customer cannot make it in time, this must be informed through e-mail with the board beforehand. 
    3. The board may decide to expand the number of attempts available for pick-up. 
  1. SIT cannot guarantee a day for pick-up when an order is placed. And any day given may be subject to change. 


  1. All orders placed are binding, meaning that you are required to pay the correct amount. Failing to do this will result in your order being cancelled, and could result in legal actions being taken. 
  1. You will not be able to obtain an order until the full payment has been made. 
    1. Certain events will require you to perform the full payment before an order is officially placed, such events may be the purchasing of an overall. 


  1. Your order after being placed can only be cancelled under certain conditions, which are set by the board after an inquiry of termination has been received. 
    1. An example could be that we are in need of just the product you bought from us, in which case we would propose a buy-back solution. 

Return policy 

By Swedish law you have 14 days after receiving a product bought remotely to withdraw your purchase; This however is not the case when you are purchasing through SIT as we are not a company and therefore are not required to follow this law. We can still under certain conditions provide you with an alternative, see term 1 under Cancelations.